Alcoholism & Addiction Treatment Phone Number

Dial 855-801-1775 to contact an alcoholism and addiction treatment specialist at their toll free phone number.
Call 855-801-1775 to contact a alcoholism & addiction treatment specialist at their toll free number.

Call 855-801-1775 to contact the Alcohlism & Addiction Treatment Hotline. Contact a counselor about alcoholism and addiction treatment by dialing their toll free hotline. New patients can get their free addiction treatment evaluation at no obligation. Find local addiction treatment resources that can help you detox from alcohol and other harmful substances. Patients are able to verify their current insurance providers by phone for free rehab and addiction treatment. Get your addiction treatment at no out of pocket expense with verified healthcare providers. Help reduce the damage and destruction imposed on one’s life by treating your addiction with proven and professional methods. Connecting with a certified addiction treatment counselor by telephone is the best way to begin your rehab and treatment. Alcoholism can become a serious illness along with drug addiction. Everlasting health effects and psychological harm may result in continued addiction. If left untreated, the devastation of addiction on your life can be paramount to anything else. Eliminate the dangers and risks of alcoholism and addiction by getting free information about local rehabs and treatment programs. Call the hotline toll free to speak with an addiction treatment counselor about your options for free rehab.