Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline Phone Number

Dial the toll free hotline 844-335-2408 to speak with a sober alcoholics at Alcoholics Anonymous by phone.
Click to call 844-335-2408 & reach AA Alcoholics Anonymous at their hotline toll free phone number.

The hotline phone number for Alcoholics Anonymous is 844-335-2408. Speak with an Alcoholics Anonymous addiction treatment specialist by dialing their toll free phone number. Individuals who are interested in contacting the hotline for free information can speak with Alcoholics Anonymous by phone. It’s easy and simple to get free information about addiction treatment and alcoholism detox when you contact Alcoholics Anonymous by their phone hotline. This is the easiest way to obtain information about local alcoholism treatment programs in your area. Regardless of your level of alcohol dependence, Alcoholics Anonymous can provide information about detox and rehab at no obligation. Join a local peer support group when you contact the phone hotline for Alcoholics Anonymous. The road to recovery is simple and easy when you speak with a professional counselor at by phone. Call the Alcoholics Anonymous hotline phone number within the hours shown to ensure you reach a counselor.

Mon-Fri :  9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sat, Sun :  7:00 am to 11:00 pm
(all times Eastern)